The C.U.'s are functioning as required by the following laws:

  • Law no.246/18.07.2005 on approving the Government Order no. 26/2000 regarding the associations and the foundations;
  • Law no.122/16 October 1996 regarding the legal status of the CARs, including the next modifications and addenda;
  • Law no.82/24 December 1991, Accountability Law;
  • Law 333/2003 regarding the protection of special objectives, goods, values and person's protection;
  • Law 130/96 regarding the collective work contract;
  • Law no.571/22 December 2003, Fiscal Code;
  • Law no.53/24 January 2003, Labor Code;
  • Law no.356/06.06.2002 on Approving the Government Order no. 9/21.01.2000 regarding the legal interest level for cash obligations;
  • Law no.266/29 29 June 2006 regarding the regulation of some financial-fiscal measures;
  • C.U. Bylaw Provisions;
  • C.U. Federation Bylaw Provisions;
  • Other legal provisions regarding the C.U. activity.