C.U. Members

CAR member may become any employed natural person that resides and works in Romania, irrespective of nationality, gender, age, political or religious convictions. Those ones who do wish to become members of the CAR are supposed to observe and follow the very CAR Bylaw provisions where they are members.

The acceptance in the CAR is made by the free will of each person. The application is analyzed and is approved or rejected by the Board of Directors within a 30 days term. In case of rejection a written note will be sent to the applicant, thereby explaining the rejection motives.

The CAR member Rights are:

  • to vote at the CAR general assembly (conferences); each member manages a single vote, irrespective of his social fund level;
  • to elect and be elected among the managing officers of the CAR;
  • to equally take advantage of the CAR's services and products;
  • in case of a member decease, his legal heirs may receive a decease non-refundable fee, according to the provisions issued by the Board;
  • to participate at the analysis, debates, and solving all CAR problems, as well coming up with suggestions for the activity improvement;
  • to contact the CAR Federation management with respect to all issues regarding the CAR activity
  • in case that the members are noticing that during the business activity the Board or some of its members are not acting according to the bylaws, or that some abuses are taking place, whereby the members statutory rights are violated, the members (at least a third of their number) may go for summoning a Members General Assembly or a CAR Conference, so as to may take the required measures.

The CAR Members have the following duties:

  • observe the CAR bylaw provisions, the functioning policy and procedure requirements, the regulations and decisions of the General Assembly or of the Board of Directors;
  • to participate at the good functioning of the CAR activity, to the elaboration and enactment of the General Assembly and the Board's decisions;
  • when entering the organization to pay a fixed fee, as established by the Board of Directors;
  • to pay in full the installments and interest as required by the borrowed sums, according to the contracts.