Credit Union (Mutual Help House)

It is a community interest association without patrimonial goals, i.e. founded by the free acceptation and associating will of its members.

Its Goal is to develop solidarity links that is of providing support and material help for its members, by attracting social funds from the members and by granting those loans.

The C.U.'s Objectives are:

  • to financially support the members so as to improve their economic and social situation as well enhancing the development of their local communities;
  • equally ensuring the same rights and obligations for each and every member;
  • equally ensuring possibilities for all members to participate at the well doing of the CAR, as well encouraging the control of how the CAR funds are used;
  • encouraging the members to contribute to creating the CAR social fund, as well protecting this fund against loss or other deterioration;
  • granting loans to the members and looking after recovering these funds, according to the thereto endorsed contracts;
  • putting to work modern management techniques as fit for the non-banking financial institutions;
  • establishing such prices for the financial products and services, so as the members should be able to fully take advantage of the support of a solid, sound capitalized institution that may correctly respond to their needs.